Frédéric Vaissade founded in 2013 the consultancy firm GOODPROJECT in order to contribute to providing social and environmental solutions to build a more sustainable world, and in order to provide you with his dual business/technical expertise (HEC school of management, over 12 years’ experience).


His experience and competences include:

★ A current development: creation and co-animation of the group “Sustainable and Eco-friendly Hosts and Travelers” - on, online collaborative economy platform for accommodation rental - whose objectives are to share-discuss-disseminate good practices for eco-housing. 3300 members worldwide.

★ A revealing experience: remote working in Australia based on collaborative economy, internet 2.0 and social networks. Participated in the setting-up of a smartphone app.

★ A central theme, sustainable development: education in biology and environment, and several significant experiences: internet project manager for the first French start-up in the B2B environmental field, and project manager of a European project on co-existence and traceability of GMOs.

★ Solid experience in managing innovative and research projects: 12 years’ experience in at the local, national, European, and international levels: set up and managed projects, performed training, and selected projects in a funding agency.